About Us

SokoNect is an Agricultural  e-marketplace that provides a  cheap platform for farmers to advertise their produce without relying on middlemen.

It also gives farmers price updates via cell phone google messaging and notification system. It is an online trading system for farmers and cooperatives. Using their mobile phones, farmers and fishermen can access markets from all the 47 counties throughout Kenya. Through SokoNect farmers and cooperatives can market their wares, bypassing traditional trader networks that often manipulate market prices

Our listings come from a variety of sources: Government agriculture departments, consumers writing in to recommend a market or farm stand, and the farmer's themselves. We update and add listings every day , of course, we're looking for more farm markets to add, so we welcome your recommendations!

Shopping through the shopping cart, select the items that will be purchased in accordance with your wishes. Continue by filling the form e-mail with details of the total price.

after you place an order, we will immediately check the conditions, the availability (and prices if there are changes in the price), as well as the shipping of the product that you yourselves message, therefore DO NOT send / transfer money before there is confirmation from us via phone / SMS or email. Upon confirmation from us, please send / transfer payment to one of the following bank account

We only accept cash payments by wire transfer to a bank account.
SokoNect will send information on the number of total expenditures and postage to your email address, for details please check your email!
Payment can be made by transfer to :
E-Mail : ccpafrica@gmail.com


Account Number : 11 66 88 24 38
Pay Bill : 522522