• Beans Mwitemania

Moisture - 10.9% Calcium - 154 mg Protein - 24.0% Phosphorus - 385 mg Fat - 1.4% Iron - 9.1mg Fibre - 0.9% Small amount of Vitamin B Complex Minerals - 3.2% * Values per 100 gm's edible portion Carbohydrates - 59.6% Calorific Value - 341 we supply and provide a wide market for REDgram which is one of the most highly prized pulses of India. It is an erect, sub erect or trailing, densely hairy annual herb. The tap root produces a branched root system with smooth, rounded nodules. The pods are narrow, cylindrical and up to 6cms. long. It is the most nutritious of all pulses.

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Beans Mwitemania

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